5 Gorgeous Trim Options For Your Custom Home

18 December 2017
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Sometimes it really is all about the details. Trim can take a plain room and give it that wow factor. Trim creates an interplay of light and shadow, which gives depth and visual interest to the structure of your room. Molding and other types of trim are common in historical houses. However, no matter the overall style of your new house, adding the following trim options to your residential designs can make your rooms even more beautiful. Read More 

The Perks And Drawbacks Of Mosaic Tile Surfaces

29 August 2017
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Custom mosaic surfaces are extremely popular. They can work in any room, from an entryway, to a shower floor, or a back splash in the kitchen. With mosaic designs, homeowners can add a unique look to any room. Of course, mosaic tiles are not the easiest to work with. They are more difficult (and more expensive) to install, and they need more TLC than traditional tile surfaces. This article explains the main drawbacks and advantages of a mosaic tile surface. Read More 

Just Put In New Skylight Windows? Tint Them For A Better Addition

24 July 2017
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Adding skylight windows to your home will provide natural light in a unique way. While the standard windows will only receive direct sunlight for a few hours per day, the skylights will provide direct light in the middle of the day and often for a longer time. But, your skylights could still use some improvements that make them a better addition, which you can get by investing in window tinting service. Read More 

Different Window Treatment To Save Money On Utility Bills

14 June 2017
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Utility bills can really raise your monthly bills. If your home is not an energy efficient home, then you could be spending hundreds of dollars extra each month on your utility bills. There are many methods of improving energy efficiency in your home such as; energy efficient windows, updated air conditioning, updated furnace, and many other methods. One way to improve your energy efficiency that is considerably less expensive than other methods is treating your windows. Read More 

Creative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

2 May 2017
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Kitchen cabinets are great for storing your dishes and snacks, but don't limit them to the kitchen. With a little bit of imagination, you can take your kitchen cabinets to a whole new level all over your house. Here are some ideas to get you started.  Build a Craft Table Use kitchen cabinets to create a table that will be useful for any kind of project. You can take your kitchen cabinets, and bolt them together in the shape you want. Read More