Creative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

2 May 2017
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Kitchen cabinets are great for storing your dishes and snacks, but don't limit them to the kitchen. With a little bit of imagination, you can take your kitchen cabinets to a whole new level all over your house. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Build a Craft Table

Use kitchen cabinets to create a table that will be useful for any kind of project. You can take your kitchen cabinets, and bolt them together in the shape you want. Use four cabinets in a block for a square table, or place them side by side for a longer table. Fasten a block of wood, a piece of fiberglass, an old counter top or other solid piece on top of the cabinets. 

The result will be a table with plenty of space beneath to store paints, crayons, fabric or any kind of craft supply. 

Create Closet Storage

Sometimes closets don't provide adequate storage because most of your stuff doesn't hang. You can fix this problem by bolting kitchen cabinets to the back of your closet. You will instantly have a place to store shoes, bags and other accessories. Take off the cabinet doors and use pretty boxes for a cute look, or use cabinets with glass doors. 

You can also use this idea in a closet where you want to keep cleaning supplies and other household items. 

Make a Bed and Dresser Combination

You can create an amazing piece of furniture while saving space when you use kitchen cabinets as the base for a bed. 

Bolt your cabinets together in the shape you want. Then attach a board to the top. Put your mattress on top of the board, and you will have a fantastic bed with massive storage underneath. 

This creates lots of space in a child's small bedroom and can also give you extra storage in a guest room. 

Fashion a Customized Built-in Desk

Do you need a place in your home where you can work on a computer? Do your kids have an adequate desk for projects and homework? 

Create a desk by placing kitchen cabinets against the wall. Leave a space between them for an office chair. Then place a long piece of wood across the stop, and you have a built-in desk. 

Kitchen cabinets are wonderful pieces, and you can easily stain and paint them to match your decor. Let these ideas spark your creativity as you explore ways to use kitchen cabinets to solve storage problems in your home.