Just Put In New Skylight Windows? Tint Them For A Better Addition

24 July 2017
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Adding skylight windows to your home will provide natural light in a unique way. While the standard windows will only receive direct sunlight for a few hours per day, the skylights will provide direct light in the middle of the day and often for a longer time. But, your skylights could still use some improvements that make them a better addition, which you can get by investing in window tinting service.

Avoid Harmful UV Rays

The direct light that comes from skylights may be something that you look forward to every day, but excessive exposure could lead to sunburns and skin damage. It is important to speak with window tinting professionals and let them know that you want to reduce or eliminate the chance of skin concerns. They should be able to give you a range of window tint options that offer some or full resistance. Then, you will need to decide on a balance of natural light and UV-ray protection to choose the correct tint darkness.

Control the Lighting

Any kind of tinting is going to provide some UV-ray protection. If you are more interested in controlling the amount of light that comes through the skylights, you can accomplish this goal with window tinting. A window tinting company can come to your home and show you various samples of tinting darkness. You can look at the samples when they are pressed against the windows to get the best example. This will give you enough information to pick the level of darkness that gives you the amount of lighting you want.

Protect Your Home

Another advantage to adding window tint is being able to protect your home. Prolonged exposure to natural light is something that can fade carpeting, crack furniture, and damage paintings. It is possible to reduce the impact by rotating the furniture and paintings around to minimize total exposure, but there will still be wear and tear to each item that is in direct sunlight for several hours a day. Window tinting is an excellent solution because you can reduce the fading and cracking caused by natural lighting.

Tinting the windows can help you protect your home, but your skylight windows will likely have the greatest impact since they often target the center areas of each room that they are in. Window tinting will make it possible to enjoy the benefits of skylights, but without the negative qualities. Contact companies like Sav-Mor Interiors to learn more about your options.