The Perks And Drawbacks Of Mosaic Tile Surfaces

29 August 2017
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Custom mosaic surfaces are extremely popular. They can work in any room, from an entryway, to a shower floor, or a back splash in the kitchen. With mosaic designs, homeowners can add a unique look to any room. Of course, mosaic tiles are not the easiest to work with. They are more difficult (and more expensive) to install, and they need more TLC than traditional tile surfaces. This article explains the main drawbacks and advantages of a mosaic tile surface. It will help you decide if it is a project you want to take on.

There are No Rules

The best thing about custom mosaic surfaces is that there are basically no rules. You can mix and match different tile shapes and sizes however you want. You can even use different types of tile within the same design. Mosaics are typically colorful to add some flare to the room. However, they don't need to be. You don't need to layout your tile in any particular lines or with square angles. You don't even need to use tile spacers when creating the mosaic. It is completely fine if you grout lines vary in width.

They Require More Maintenance Because There Are More Grout Lines

When it comes to mosaic surfaces there are bound to be more grout lines. This is not a huge issue, but you should know that the grout is the most vulnerable part of a tile surface. Moisture damage, soap scum build up, cracking, and mold usually occur along the grout lines. The actual tile pieces are hardly ever have any of these problems. This just means that you need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting your grout lines. Grout needs to be sealed to protect against moisture damage.

The Design Might Seem Outdated Soon

When you install a mosaic design you need to be aware that it might go out of style sooner than a more traditional tile surface. That is, the bold colors and odd shapes might seem outdated in a few years, whereas a plain tile with neutral colors might never go out of style. You could date your room by adding a custom mosaic. Some people are perfectly okay with, and even proud of this. It is just something that you need to worry about before you start to design a custom mosaic with all of the most popular modern tiles on the market.

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