Tile Flooring: A Limitless Design Opportunity

11 July 2023
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Tile flooring has many benefits making it an excellent choice for any style and age of home and any room. The material is durable, easy to clean, and versatile. Finishing a floor with tile is only the first step in a series of decisions. Here are some options to consider.

Selecting the Material

The best type of tile depends on personal preference, budget, and the use it will receive. The materials used for this flooring include marble, slate, travertine, porcelain, and much more. Vinyl tiles are the least expensive option and have varying levels of durability. Ceramic tiles are also inexpensive but more durable than vinyl. Higher-end materials include marble, granite, and travertine.

Choosing a Color

The best color for any home can depend on the décor of the room and the amount of use it receives. Light colors make rooms look brighter and larger but need more cleaning to look their best. A dark floor can cause a room to appear smaller.

Those who want something unique regardless of cost can find hand-painted Zellij (Zellige) Moroccan tiles. The more affordable option of luxury mosaic tiles has a similar look and appeal. Patterned tiles often include bright, bold designs, but subtle patterns also exist.

Historically, gray was a popular tile floor color and a sensible option for people planning to sell their homes. The soft, neutral shade appealed to more buyers because it can coordinate with almost any interior style. Gray remains a safe choice, but the latest trends have included a rainbow of bolder and warmer colors that may draw additional attention from prospective buyers.

Determining a Design

Homeowners must make many choices related to design styles. Determine if the room should have a solid color or a pattern. Some people blend patterned tiles into a solid-colored tile floor for a custom look. Others use multiple colors or patterns for an eye-catching layout. Another option gaining popularity is texture. Available textured tiles include ripples, wood-grain effects, pebbles, and more. Textures can make a floor less slippery but may make it more difficult to clean. Instead, consider installing textured tiles on the wall and smooth tiles on the floor.

Endless possibilities exist for the look of a tiled room. The flooring remains popular because of this versatility and for many other reasons. Consider all the choices before any investment. A superior quality tile can last for decades, so get the most from your purchase and choose something durable with a timeless appeal. 

For more info about tile flooring, contact a local company.