Three Types Of Custom Wooden Name Signs For Your Child's Nursery

20 October 2020
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When you have a baby on the way, one of the fun items on your to-do list will be to decorate the child's nursery. There are a number of different decorative pieces that you can choose from, but you'll definitely want some items that give the space a custom look and feel. If you've already chosen your child's name, one or more types of custom signage will be a fun idea to pursue. Look online for a service that produces custom wooden name signs, and then consider the following designs.

Letter Block Sign

One fun idea to consider is a large wooden block that is shaped like the first letter of your child's name. Such signage can work in many different sizes, fonts, and colors, so you shouldn't have trouble choosing something that complements the look of the room. For a custom touch, consider having your child's name added to the letter block. For example, if your child's name is Isabelle, you can have a large letter "I" with the name spelled vertically down the center of the letter. You can display the wooden letter block in a number of locations, including on the bedside table, dresser, or window ledge.

Door Sign

It's common for families to mount signs featuring their child's name to the outside of the child's door, and this may be an idea to consider for the nursery. Wooden signs work well in this application, especially if there are wooden elements in the hallway — hardwood flooring, for example. The door sign can be as simple as a rectangle that displays the child's name, or it can have other wording. For example, the sign might read, "Isabelle's Nursery" and the year of the child's birth. If you'd like, you'll often have the option of having decorative elements added to the sign — for example, an image of a stuffed animal in pink or blue.

Wall Sign

Another idea that you might wish to explore is choosing a large wooden sign that you can mount on the wall. If the room is on the larger size, you can opt for a sign that is a few feet in length. There are all sorts of designs that can work well. For example, you might favor a sign that displays the child's name in a cursive script. Alternatively, you might consider a circular or rectangular sign that features the child's name and some images that are present in the room's decor.

For more information about designing custom wooden name signs for nursery rooms, reach out to a local artisan.