5 Tips To Improve Windows And Openings For Better Efficiency And Storm Protection

20 November 2018
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If you are looking for the best improvements for better energy efficiency in your home, you may want to start looking at the windows and doors. The openings in your home can be an area where a lot of energy is lost, as well as make your home more vulnerable to damage in severe weather. To save energy and protect your home, there are many different improvements that you may want to consider. Here are some tips to help with improvements to windows and other openings to improve energy efficiency and protect your home during storms.

1. Window Films for Stronger, More Energy-Efficient Glass in Old Windows

If the windows and doors in your home have thin glass, this can be the source of energy loss. If you cannot afford or do not want to do window replacements, modern window films can improve the glass in your home. Glass films are a great solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as to protect against storm damage and shattered glass.

2. Protect the Windows and Doors With The Addition of Storm Shutters

If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather and storms, you may want to do more to protect your home from damage. Storm shutters are one of the best solutions to protect the windows and doors in your home during storms. In addition, many modern shutters can be used to also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

3. Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Home with Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are one of the energy-efficient home improvements that you may have heard a lot about. These are special windows that can be installed in the existing window casings to improve energy efficiency and appearance of your home. When installing replacements, it is also important to inspect window casings and other openings for insulation to maximize the energy-saving benefits of having them installed.

4. More Storm Protection with The Installation of Hurricane Windows or Screens

There are also options for hurricane window installation in areas that are most vulnerable to damage from severe weather. These are special windows that are designed to withstand high winds and damage during a storm. In addition to hurricane windows, there are also options for storm screens that can provide your home with more affordable protection in severe weather.

5. Choosing the Right Combination of Window Treatments For Interior Design And Energy Savings

Choosing the right window treatments for your home is also important. You want to use a combination of blinds or shades and curtains to maximize energy efficiency and improve the interior designs. Today, thermal blinds and shades are a great energy-efficient solution to add color behind curtains in your interior design.

These are some tips that will help protect your home from damage in a storm and improve energy efficiency with the right window improvements. If you are ready to start improving the windows and openings in your home, contact a window treatment service like Classic Curtains & Interiors for help with improving the appearance and energy efficiency of the openings in your home.