Designing An Effective Reception Area

6 April 2018
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If your office regularly interacts with the public, you likely have a reception area. This portion of your office space may be more important than you realize.

The reception area or lobby offers your guests their first glimpse of your business. Thus, it may be your only opportunity to ensure that your visitors are left with a good impression of your company brand.  Here are a few suggestions to make your reception area as inviting as possible.

Make Comfort a Priority

The layout of your reception area should make your guests as comfortable as possible. Thus, the seating that you select should be spaced far enough apart to respect the personal space of your guests but close enough to allow guests to collaborate or discuss business issues. Additionally, the furnishings should not be so close to an entry or exit that waiting guests experience a draft each time another person walks in or leaves.  

Magazines or other periodicals should be tastefully displayed within the guests' reach, so visitors who are waiting alone can remain comfortably occupied. Consider a rack that matches your furnishings or an end table that is situated between two couches or chairs. 

Also, be sure that the seating is cushioned or ergonomically designed. A long wait while sitting on hard furniture can be distasteful.

Integrate Your Company Brand

Be sure to display your company's signature colors or logo in the waiting area. You can select wall colors accordingly or post a customized wallhanging. Still, the display doesn't have to be boring. The front of a reception desk can be engraved with the logo, or monitors can be strategically mounted to play an advertisement for your business.

Match Your Design to Your Company Style

If your business is edgy or technologically advanced, choose modern furniture with an innovative flair. However, if your company is more traditional, be sure to choose conventional furniture with traditional styling. Your lobby should extend the atmosphere that you would like to promote in your business. 

Keep It Clutter-free

The area around a receptionist desk can quickly become disorganized and cluttered without sufficient storage. Be sure to allow enough space around the desk to conceal packages and letters upon delivery.

Also, include shelving or cabinets for the storage of office supplies and files. Maintaining a clutter-free lobby can help your business appear professional and organized. For more information about designing an effective reception area, schedule a consultation with an office design company like Cuffie Creek Design.